An introductory course to Competitive Intelligence, providing the fundamentals of Competitive Intelligence

This is a detailed course on the innovative competitive intelligence methodology that is transferred by the Project. The course provides the conceptual background, the scope and the model. It also involves specific feedback sections for SMEs in order to provide an insight on the requirement of the methodology in terms of managerial, organizational and operational skills.

Competitive Intelligence Strategies for Innovation in Turkish Aluminium Sector: The Methodology for Collection of Competitive Intelligence Data.
This is a hypothetical sample case study developed for the Project.
The Sample Case Study is designed to illustrate the applicability and contribution of transferred competitive intelligence methodolgy.

A sample study in the Metal Kitchenware
Case study concerned is a concrete application of the methodology described in the previous modules. It deals with obtaining concrete outputs by using competitive intelligence channels and improving its competitiveness for a firm that tries to compete with its own products within the framework of the international market conditions.